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Allan Hawco – male Actor biography Pictures, Photo Gallery. Allan Hawco born July 28, 1977, is a Canadian television and film actor.

Allan was born on Bell Island, Newfoundland Labrador, but moved to Goulds, Newfoundland at an early age. His father, Michael Hawco, worked on the Bell Island Ferry and his mother, Mary Hawco, was an elementary school teacher.

Allan Hawco tried his hand at business while studying at Memorial University of Newfoundland Labrador. However, he soon dropped out of university and joined the acting community. His first role was in the Shakespeare by the Sea production of Macbeth, which was directed by Aiden Flynn. From there,  local Director Danielle Irvine encouraged Allan to audition for the National Theatre School where Allan was one of 13 selected from thousands of applicants that year.

Hawco’s biggest ‘claim to fame’ to date, is his own creation, CBS’s “Republic of Doyle”. Hawco is Co-Creator, exec producer, lead actor, head writer as well as the show’s Showrunner.

His other credits include roles in the television series “ZOS: Zone of Separation” and the television films “H2O” and “The Trojan Horse”.

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