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Christopher Mears – male British diver Athletes, bio, Pictures, Photo Gallery. Chris Mears ( Christopher Mears ) born 7 February 1993 is a British diver.

Mears’s dream of diving was almost dashed when he suffered complications from a ruptured spleen in 2009. He had been competing in the Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney when, at breakfast one morning, he collapsed. At first he was diagnosed with sunstroke, then meningitis: both were wrong. He had contracted the Epstein Barr virus and had ruptured his spleen while performing a dive.

With his family at his bedside, he spent a month in hospital, slowly regaining his strength for the 24-hour flight home. Three years later, Mears, who lost three stone and most of his muscle mass in hospital, is the Great Britain diving contender for “London 2012 Olympics.”

Chris Mears ( Christopher Mears ) was suffering from Glandular Fever but was not displaying the usual symptoms.


His organs were squeezed by swelling and his spleen ruptured. Mears suffered two mini seizures and as his condition did not improve he was taken to the nearest hospital which, by a stroke of luck, was very close to where Mears was staying. After losing five pints of blood and being given a 5% chance of survival by doctors upon admission to the hospital, he managed to pull through. For several days he was kept alive by medical intervention and his platelet count was at two (low enough for a person to die from a paper cut).


Eventually Christopher Mears suffered a 7-hour seizure which led to a three-day coma. Mears later described arguing with the doctors telling him it was Thursday, though he was certain it was still Monday. Many people suffering this would have lasting disabilities or brain damage, but Mears was very lucky and after a long slow recovery and introduction to diving he managed to fully recover. He does however still to this day have a 6-inch scar along his chest and requires more sleep than usual due to the removal of his spleen.

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