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Eliad Cohen Shirtless Pics, Portfolio, Biography. Eliad Cohen, born May 11, 1988, in Akko, Israel, is an Israeli model, actor, and co-founder of ‘Gay-ville.

Eliad Cohen is well known for his role as the presenter of the Arisa party series, which is the first international party dedicated to Mizrahi, a form of Middle Eastern influenced music. Eliad was approached by the Arisa creative team and asked to star in one of their music videos. The Arisa videos have proved very popular and have an international following online. But they have also drawn criticism for their depiction of various themes and characters. In November 2011, the Arisa party line traveled to São Paulo, Brazil where Eliad and the rest of the Arisa team were featured in front of an audience of nearly 1,000 people.

Eliad Cohen is the co-founder of Gay-ville (aka G-ville), a gay-friendly, global vacation and apartment rental network based out of Tel Aviv. Cohen is also founder of the PAPA Party that was launched in Tel Aviv in association with Tel Aviv Gay Pride. Since 2012, he has launched it internationally with events in various American, Canadian, European and Latin American venues.

Spartacus International Gay Guides featured Cohen on the cover of the guide’s 2011-2012 issue. In February 2013, Out magazine readers voted him as second in its “Top 10: Eligible Bachelors”. His appearance on the cover of Spanish gay publication OhMyGod created controversy when Spanish photographer Juan Pablo Santamaria depicted Eliad Cohen under the provocative title “Eliad Cohen: El nuevo mesías gay de Israel” (“The new gay messiah of Israel”)

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