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Personalities Manuel Rico pictures, Profile, Photos & news. Manuel Rico, born in 1988, in Spain, is a Spanish doctor and model and is a medical student.

As of 2013, Rico is a medical student wrapping up his practice as OB-GYN in Concepción, Chile.

Rico is best known for winning the “2010 Spanish Beauty King”. However, he does not want to focus on his past as a model but rather continue his practice as a gynecologist.

Manuel Rico, he is 24 years old, and he lives in the city of Concepcion , Chile. Previously, he was a model and even won the contest ” Beauty of Spain ” in 2010 . But Manuel no longer wants to be a handsome man , he wants to be a doctor and help women, hence he became gynecologist. According to local press, Chilean women are already lined up at the reception. I wonder what these women are hoping for.

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